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Womens Masters XI
Oct14LV vs EH W35+1
Oct21LV vs EH W EngM 35-75
Oct28LV vs EH W RegM
Nov04LV vs Norwich Dragons O45sHTaverham - Sand15:15EH W45+1
Nov11LV vs EH W EngM 35-65
Nov18LV vs Cambridge City O35sHTaverham - H2O13:00EH W35+2
Nov25LV vs City of Peterborough O45sAQueen Katharine Academy12:00EH W45+2
Dec16LV vs SpaldingHTaverham - H2O13:00EH W35+3
Dec16LV vs 035's Cup
Jan13LV vs EH W EngM 35-65EH W EngM 35-65
Jan20LV vs Bishops Stortford O45sA13:00EH W45+3    POSTPONED   
Jan27LV vs Bishops Stortford O45sAEH W45+3
Feb03LV vs EH W35+4EH W35+4
Feb10LV vs EH W45+4EH W45+4
Feb17LV vs EH W RegMEH W RegM
Feb24LV vs EH W35+5EH W35+5
Mar03LV vs EH W45+5EH W45+5
Mar10LV vs EH W35+6EH W35+6
Apr07LV vs EH W35+7EH W35+7
Apr27LV vs EH W35 T1 T2 EH W45 T1 FEH W35 T1 T2 EH
Apr27LV vs
Apr28LV vs EH W35 T3 EH W45 T2 FEH W35 T3 EH W4
May04LV vs EH W40 RegEH W40 Reg
May04LV vs
May04LV vs
May11LV vs EH W50 W60 RegEH W50 W60 Reg
May11LV vs
May11LV vs
May12LV vs EH W 30+ 1EH W 30+ 1
May18LV vs
May18LV vs
Jun08LV vs EH W55 W35 RegEH W55 W35 Reg
Jun16LV vs EH W 30+ 3EH W 30+ 3
Jun30LV vs EH W 30+ 4EH W 30+ 4
Jul14LV vs EH W 30+ 5EH W 30+ 5
Jul28LV vs EH W 30+ 6EH W 30+ 6

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