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Fillies XI
Oct03LF vs Harleston Magpies U16AHarleston HC12:30EH U16 Cup    CANCELLED   
Oct03LF vs Harleston Magpies U14HTaverham - H2O14:30EH U14 Cup
Oct17LF vs Bedford ABedfordU14 East League    CANCELLED   
Oct17LF vs Chelmsford ABedfordU14 East League    CANCELLED   
Oct31LF vs Cambridge City U14AEH U14G Cup
Nov07LF vs Cambridge CityHU14 East League
Nov07LF vs BedfordHU14 East League
Nov07LF vs Harleston Magpies HU16 East League
Nov07LF vs Sudbury HU16 East League
Apr30LF vs
May07LF vs
Jun18LF vs

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